Cabinet furniture production on the Northern Cyprus

ALEKO company produces cabinet furniture.

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Our experts will help you to plan the kitchen correctly, will tell you how to better arrange furniture, how to hide pipes and where it is better to bring outlets.

Careful delivery, professional furniture assembly.

Our advantages

We create stylish furniture for any budget

What is especially important for Cyprus we meet the deadlines. That is why ordering furniture in ALEKO you save your nerves and enjoy your purchase on the appointed day.

You can be a designer for your furniture

With us you can bring your ideas to life. For you we can change anything you would like in basic model: size, color, details. We will make furniture more functional by adding shelves, mirrors and light.

We can not only make furniture that will suit to our interior, but we can also change your own furniture that it will suit to the new one. For example, we will change the facades of your nightstands to make them more suitable for your new stylish wardrobe from ALEKO. This way the whole bedroom will be in one style and become a single set.

It is easy to be a designer with ALEKO and realize your dreams. Our furniture will always suit your flat or office the best.

We save your time because we offer a wide range of ready made furniture you can choose from. You can easily compile the complect you need with necessary amount of items in one style. That's all in one place and on one call. You don't need to visit a lot of furniture shops, waist a lot of time and petrol and coordinate it all with your work schedule anymore. Now you can order your own furniture at home.

You just need to make a call - the rest is our duty. Just tell us what you want and we will make it. Easy to buy just on one call.

Our furniture is manufactured on the Northern Cyprus that is why we do not have any added prices. We have so many opportunities and varieties to make furniture for your own budget! Also without losing the quality. We are ready to change the prices of project that the final price of furniture will make you happy.

Not enough money for the new kitchen? Order us the new facades for your old kitchen - will get the new kitchen for the modest price.

First time apply ALEKO? Well, we've got a nice surprise-bonus for you!

Why do people like to order furniture from us?


Visit on home of our specialist, measurement, design, delivery, assembly


New modern equipment, competent software calculation, permanent quality, highly qualified specialists with a huge experience


We meet the deadlines. We were late in time - you get a discount


We are nonstop expanding the range. New components, color combinations, materials, varieties of details

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